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Coldforged Preview:Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, and Paladin

Last week wasn’t my best week, but I’ll try and have two preview articles to make up for it. I know I’m not keeping my schedule, but bear with me as I write and edit the book. This week, I’ll have 10 subclasses! the first five are here: The Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger and Paladin Subclass Paths

Moving our way through the classes! I enjoy making these as they have a clear and dedicated purpose within my world. The Druid Subclass is dedicated to the seasonal Cycles, with each druid choosing a season to follow, the Fighter is that of a traditional sworn fighter and defender, serving their liege and friends to the best of their capacity. The Monk fuses Arcane capability and martial arts, The Ranger wanders the world looking for problems to solve and people to save, while the Paladin pledges their entire being to serve a single deities cause. (See Piety for more information)