Nerd Cred

So, what gives me the right to start a blog, you say?
What makes me have any idea whats going on?
Time. And Experience.

I’ve played D&D for 20 years, at this point, and have played every edition from Dungeons and Dragons on up through 4e. I’m reading, testing and conceptualizing for Next. I’ve played Vampire, d20 Modern, Gamma World, and the IKRPG. I’ve been DMing the same world for 16 years.
I’ll let that sink in. I’ve created and maintained a world, its history and its people, in my head for 16 years.
HA! you’re mind is blown. Now, I’ve got reams and reams of details on it, and I’ll be going over that more when I update on the Against The Giants: Next adventure I’ll be running.

I’ve played MTG on and off since Fallen Empires. I really enjoy drafting, and don’t particularly like standard. EDH(commander) is one of my favorite formats, though I don’t play it nearly as often as I would like. I love collecting! I have a complete set of the Dark, a complete set of Revised completed when Tundra was still $15, and a complete set of the RTR block.

I’ve only recently joined the legions of board game fans, but my lineage had me playing risk and stratego, among others, at an early age. Now, with Settlers of Catan, Arkham Horror and others under my belt, I’ve only extended the joy for each game.

I started Minis games with, Technically (The best kind of correct!) D&D Battlesystem: And it was terrible. A few months later, I was introduced to Warhammer 40k: 3rd edition. – I started playing with the Armageddon Codex – Black Templar, and stopped playing when they banned Eye of Terrors Legions of the Damned. I was working for them at the time, and a buddy who also worked there Introduced us to the Warmachine battle boxes. We Were in love! late 2004, I believe. Man, Almost 10 years. it took me 2 years to get on the forums! That lead to Malifaux, Infinity, Relic Knights, and Wild West Exodus.

I’ve been painting the Minis for just as long, and have a really good grasp. I enjoy Meg Maples teaching style, and if you want to up you’re painting game: Color – Betty Edwards is where to go. Seriously. Buy it.

I don’t know, I guess that’s It.
I’ll probably separate these out one day.

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