Cryx Caster Rating Page

Ratings as of 2/18/2017

Casters Played – Rankings

I’ve developed a completely arbitrary system of rankings based on my feelings of a few attributes that I feel the casters should be judged on: 
Flexibility, Attrition, Gun Line Survivability, Armor Cracking, Troop Clearing, Fun. 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. 

9.7 Deneghra 1 (pending re-grade after changes). As near perfect of a caster as I can imagine, she can crush troops, armor, and powerful casters all with barely blinking an eye. She also has great defensive tech in stealth and defense 16. Just an amazing caster that can punish the opponent at any turn. 

9.6  Scaverous. Capable with top of two assassinations, heavy armor removal, and tons of anti-infantry synergy, he is able to perform multiple roles at a high caliber.

9.5 Coven. I love coven. They have all to tools, all the time, to deal with almost everything. They seem to require a specific set of lists to be good, though into those matchups they are very strong. I don’t like them into gunlines or other problem matchups that I feel they should solve, but they are one of the strongest overall casters we have in the faction. 

9.4 Asphyxious 2 A ‘Caster that has all the tools to deal with so many problems in all the phases and stages of the game. His spell list is amazing, his feat can be backbreaking, and his ability to deliver the army are top notch. Simply a great caster that anyone should play. 

8.8 Deneghra 3. Versatile and able to capitalize on a number of different army types, she brings a great set of spells to the game enabling both herself and her army to excel. She has great assassination potential, and that is always a plus in my books. Absolutely top end. 

8.7 Asphyxious 1. Capable of high speed assassinations and powerful armor swings, Asphyxious 1 is able to both control the board and control the enemy armor, and has two very powerful assassination vectors available to him. A powerful and versatile caster. Spectral Leech may be my new favorite spell. 

8.69 Asphyxious 3. A versatile and flexible caster, able to build a number of lists and support all of them with a huge toolbox of spells and abilities. Killer into Hordes and hordes, and able to scare off a number of casters with his builds, definitely a caster I can come back to time and again for different experiences. 

8.60 Deneghra 2 (Regrade) . I can’t really tell yet, but I think she’s complex and fun enough to give people a run for her money most days. She has powerful offensive tools, a potent feat in two different ways, and some small defenses. 

8.55 Skarre 3. She’s solid, brings a ton of buffs, and plays unlike any other caster in the faction, bar old MKII Asphyxous 3. It’s a different and enjoyable change of pace, and along with her durability to guns, makes for a caster unlike the rest in the faction. 

8.5 Agathia. A flexible caster with a toolbox of solutions and a small footprint, she is able to deliver her army almost as strongly as Coven, swing armor in her favor, and gives her jacks a decent hint of suitability.

8.4 Terminus. Capable of flooding the field with 18+ weapon master troopers, and 40+ other troops, all with tough and backed up by a set of hammers in himself and nightmare. Between clock and board presence, he can be really tough to handle.

8.5 Goreshade 3. His toolbox spell list has something for nearly every occasion, and his interaction with a number of themes is stellar. His recursion game is top notch while also handily packing some assassination tools into the same caster. 

8.1 Mortenebra 2. A caster capable of shattering armor with ease and is able to swing her battlegroup all over the field. A bizarre hit and run caster that managed to make it all work together.

7.9 Goreshade 2. A caster which can really glut up the field with recursion and has an awesome spell in Abyssal Gate. It is a strong spell that can really give you the upper hand in a lot of matches. He does rely on infantry to a much stronger degree than others do, with a net zero model swing.

7.8 Goreshade 1. A caster that has a number of strong plays, and a specific build that works very well for him. I find he plays well into Hordes, but struggles against warmachine a bit. He’s strong with a great feat,  but not strong enough to lean on.

7.0 Mortenebra 1 She is a caster with a solid toolkit of spells and abilities enabling her army to make significant choices about what to do turn to turn, but has to make up for her lack of Accuracy buff, Damage Buff and Terrain mitigation. Spectral Steel is great, but just not enough. Still very good, but also very vulnerable. 

6.8 Aiakos 2. A mobile and seemingly wide open caster than can do a lot of things well, but none of them strong enough to be able to take a crown from any of the other casters, but one to look out for. If he gets a single synergistic piece that can shoot him up a point and a half, he’d be way at the top. 

4.9 Deneghra 2 (pending re-grade after changes) – A surprisingly good caster that overcomes her lack of feat by her amazing spell list and ability to simply sit back and sling. She’s decently threatening with her feat and her ability to move models around the field a bit. Her debuffs are powerful, and she is one of the few casters with both a defense and arm debuff. It really sucks not having a feat, though.
*note, this is pre CID caster change. She has been improved vastly and is a great caster. This is being kept for historical value)

3.5 Sturgis 2 – A bare bones caster that was unable to really affect the game state, deliver the army, or cast spells with any effect. His personal stats are so low and his personal threat so small that he’s not worth playing.