I play games, I play so many games! As I get through and play or ruminate about them, I’ll post them here. 


Video Games
Xcom Franchise – Possibly my favorite game. It has to compete with the liked of Fallout, but its awesome, turn based game play and the ability for me to think through turns and its brutal ruthlessness has lead me to love this game for a very, very long time. 
Heroes of Might and Magic VI – I played this as one of the first sets of blog posts, and while it was a grind, I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not looking for a mighty slog of a game, but well worth it if your a fan. 
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – I played the hell out of this game. Its one of my favorites, and one of the bestselling games for a good reason. With strong mod support and a pretty strong sandbox, the game is setup for tons of exploration. I also played a bit of Daggerfall way, way back, but I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of it. 
Fallout – Oh boy. If Xcom is my favorite game for Mechanics, Fallout is my absolute favorite world. I Play this game for the experince and have had a blast with all three of the second age games. Its a lot different from the first age, but I get to sink my teeth into hundreds of hours of gameplay fighting 50’s area Apocalyptia. Recommended for everyone! 
Assassins Creed: Black Flag – While I’d not played an assassins creed game prior to this, I figured that I would have a ton of fun with this one because it was pirate based. While I did enjoy about 70% of it, it really didn’t make me grab for another in the series anytime soon. Its a great game for some fun, naval action, though. 
Final Fantasty XV – This one took a bit to get rolling, but has been worth it. As of this writing, I’m cutting through it, but man is it enjoyable. 
Destiny – This one was something I’d gotten on the request of a friend of mine, and was able to do a lot of cool stuff. I still play, every once in a while, and it is a damned joy when I do. 

Tabletop Miniatures
Infinity – Haqqislam
Malifaux – Guild
Relic Knights – Corsairs
Wild West Exodus – Warrior Nation
Warmachine – Cryx
Warmachine – Mercenaries
Warmachine – Cygnar
Warmachine- Khador!?
Hordes – Minions
Hordes – Skorne

Card Games
MTG – Cube
MTG – Return to Ravnica
MTG – Khans of Tarkir

Board Games
Arkham Horror
Descent 2.0