One of the things I love the most, is History. I’ve got my degree in classical history, and I really enjoy pondering, learning and understanding how people existed, how they have changed, and more curiously, how they have remained the same. 

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to, read, or simply scroll through old, boring, dusty tomes of History, look no further. These are my recommendations for the dustiest, boringest, most informative things I’ve found on the internet! 


Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome. That’s a link to episode 1, but you can still find it pretty much everywhere. I listened to it in order, years after it came out, and when the last episode fell off the podcast, I felt like I had lost something, a great part of me that could never return. So, when I inevitably boot this up again, it will be great to hear Mikes voice again, as if he’s right there telling me about roman history for the first time. 

The Fall of Rome. A link to an ongoing podcast on the Fall of Rome. I’ve liked it fair enough so far, and its ongoing. recommended. 


It tend to view youtube much closer to a podcast, though I probably shouldn’t. Visuals are a big thing with the platform, and I loose a lot by not watching them, but I often enough get what I want from it. 

Crash Course: World History 101
Crash Course: World History 201
Crash Course: US History
Crash Course: Big History
Crash Course: US Government and Politics 
Historia Civilis
Extra History

Books and Other Media

I’ll put more up here when I’ve gone through my collection. Internet links are much easier…