The Coldforge Campaign Setting

(Authors note: This is a collection of articles written over a period of time, mostly with little editing, to hold myself accountable to continue creating the world. Please forgive the bad grammar, the poor editing, and any other mechanical issues of the articles. They will be improved in the final product as I do repeated editing passes on the final product)

The Coldforge Campaign Setting is a cold and brutal setting of Magic, Wars, Elements, and Deities. Step forth, and experience the chill and power of fierce winters, elemental magic, and powerful nations.

Here are the articles that I wrote. They are organized according to topic, more or less. There are articles scattered throughout from 2014, 2019, and 2020. The excerpts are from 2021, but could still use some polish: Don’t take ’em as final. I have a ton to say, and really would love to hear anyones opinions on this. Email me at, find me on twitter, Instagram and/or facebook.

Quickplay Guide (New one soon!)
Foundational Goals

Coldforged Preview Excerpts:
Character Creation
Class Perceptions
Subclasses: Wildblood Barbarian, College of Legends Bard, Elemental
Subclasses: Circle of Seasons, Oathsworn Defender, Arcane Fist, Defender of Life, Oath of Piety
Subclasses: Enforcer, Marchblooded, Accursed Patron, Pyromancer, Cryomancer
Subclasses: Aeromancer, Electromancer, Geomancer, Hydromancer
The 10 Kingdoms
Fallen Killbarum
Hegemony of Levisha
Thraxian Tribes
Brokensail Pirates
Aldashir Citadel
Izkoret and Halirath

Mythology and Deities (early articles from 2014, later articles from 2019)
Creation Myth(2014)
The Celestial War(2014)
Divine Beings(2019)
Cosmology (2014)
The Accursed(2014)
The Book of the Gods(2014)

Coldforged Setting (2019)
People of Tysis
Geographic Regions
Other Areas
Subclass Path Summary
Monster Regions
Cultural Names
Attitudes Toward Classes (2019)
Barbarian, Bard, Cleric Druid
Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger
Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Coldforge Basics
Adventure Hooks
Adventure Types
Enemies and Villians 1
Enemies and Villians 2
Regional Flavor
Kingdom Flavor
Dark Age Writing
Herbalism and Alchemy

History (2019)
Ancient History
Part 1
Regional Histories
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Current History
Part 9.1
Part 9.2
Part 9.3

Regions and Kingdoms
Smaller Governments

The 10 Kingdoms
Nobility in Tyndaria
Tyndarian Houses 1
Tyndarian Houses 2
Tyndarian Houses 3

Killbarum pt 1
Killbarum pt 2
Killbarum pt 3
Killbaran Colleges
Colleges 1
Colleges 2
Colleges 3

Bloodlines 1
Bloodlines 2

Tribes 1
Tribes 2

Orders 1
Orders 2

Izkoret and Halirath
Izkoret Conclaves

Brokensail Fleets
Fleets 1
Fleets 2

Other Cultures
Kingdoms and Cultures
Children of Jet
Izkoret and Halirath

Atlas General
Terrain 1
Terrain 2
Political Geography
Political Geography 1
Political Geography 2
Landmarks/Locations 1
Landmarks/Locations 2
Landmarks/Locations 3

Miniature Representations