Welcome to Skell -A Cryx Primer

I often see players – both new and old – wanting to know a bit more about Cryx either as new to the faction or new to the game. 

So, I’ve comprised an ongoing series of articles to help these players discover Cryx from every possible angle. If you see that there is space for an article that would be useful to you, let me know, and I’ll likely write an article on that fairly swiftly! until then, enjoy the articles, and I hope you’re able to get something from them. 

  • Part 1 – Faction Overview
  • Part 2 – Our Warcaster Dependence 
  • Part 3 – Theme Overview
  • Part 4 – Building a list

Theme List Primers (Ongoing) 

  • Ghost Fleet
  • Slaughter Fleet
  • Dark Host
  • Scourge of the Broken Coast
  • Infernal Machines
  • Black Industries