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Coldforged Preview: Rogue, Warlock, Sorcerer, Wizard (Pt1)

I didn’t get my second article out last week for the Class Paths, but here I am making sure we get one this week, holidays or not! Here, I present the Enforcer (Rogue) Marchblooded (Sorcerer), Accursed (Warlock), and two of the Wizard Schools: Pyromancy and Cryomancy.

When I was building these, I wanted a path that was deeply tied to my world, but it ended up that the Accursed Warlock is the one I am taking the most critical look at. It fits and is cool, but I don’t know that it’s actually where it should be. It’s not on the chopping block, yet, but I can see it making it there. The Enforcer is a subclass that I enjoyed in 4e, reimagined here for the mean streets of Coldforged. Marchblooded, a sorcerer with connections to the Outer Plane of the Iron Marches is focused on their elemental Summons. The wizard schools are the first two of six focused on the Elements. Next week we get Electromancer, Hydromancer, Geomancer, and Aeromancer. Let me know what you think about these!