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Mythology Monday: Initial Wrap-up.

It is done.

Well, almost. I am waiting on a little information from a friend who’s PC became, in my very first campaign, a god in his own right, stealing it from the main villain. Until i’m provided with the information relevant to creating that god in a manner both pleasing to me and to the player, I’m going to forge on ahead, diving a little deeper into the character, function, form and personality of each of the gods and accursed.

First, though, the Index of Gods. 

There are a few changes I’ve made here to the initial entries of some of the gods and accursed, and their are bound to be even more. What I’ve done is create the skeleton, the character sheet, if you will, of each. Now, what I desire to do is go back through and scour each of them. I want to correct errors, move entries to where they are more appropriate, and maybe even cull portfolios all together. There are a number of concepts, both initial and detailed, that may have been either overlooked or overdone in the first pass that really need a fresh look after the pressure of creating, detailing and formulating all 33 entities in the Pantheon. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Death – There seem to be an overabundance of deities that deal with death, but in minor and subtle ways.
  • Elemental Family – Each being belongs to an elemental family
  • North v. South. I have a concept where the Paltonarchs are represented by more northern animals, and the Accursed by more tropical. I want to look in and flesh this one out.
  • Interactions among members of the “court” – I didn’t have a place or concept about the interactions.

Many of these are, again, first or second passes that I am fleshing out even deeper and with greater accuracy. Where what I have done to date with this was to create the character sheet, I’m now looking to put more flesh and bones around it, the background, if you will. Hopefully, this endeavor will take much less time and I will be able to do multiple per week, with a goal of four each Monday, especially with GOT off air now.

Next week, I’ll start up in earnest.