Almost Here!



The time is here! Wednesday I will be leaving to head out to Lock and Load, enjoying my one convention I get to go to and play each year.

I’ve not packed, as of yet, so once I’m done writing this, that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am extremely excited to go out there, see old friends and make new ones.

Well, maybe not make any. I’m not sure the Titan Train makes friends.

This does mean, however, that this post isn’t going to be a proper one, and I’m definitively not writing one for Thursday. I’ll Still be in Seattle on Sunday and flying back Monday, so the first real post I’m going to have is next Thursday. While there is a strong likelihood I’ll be gushing about LnL, there is also a significant chance I’ll have done all that I can for a number of days, and I’ll talk about something cool.

Like the Announcement of XCOM2, which has me frothing at the mouth. There may be other announcements and such, but we will see how well I keep up with them.

In addition to a wrap up post, I’ll be Tweeting¬†all weekend about my wins, losses and the players I meet and hang out with, as well as any spoilers I come across.I’ll be trying to snatch up a book as soon as possible, and posting contents, spoilers and other awesomeness. Last year was a little lite, I am going to try and get a few more this time around.

Additionally, Some may have noticed that I am short a Mythology Monday post for the final God, Drakken. Getting players input on their character-turned god is something I want to get right, so we’ll see about that once I get back.

Alright, so, its short and sweet, but I’m excited to get out there, and in order to leave, I’ve got to pack, so I’m out!