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Coldforged Update: November 2020

It has been a wild two months. Lets take a chat, shall we!

Welcome back. It’s good to be back, but sadly I cannot stay back as I was back in August. See, the book is going absolutely amazingly. It’s getting edited and polished and shined into something I am very proud of.

But that, in part, has been due to the free time I have gotten from leaving blogging a bit behind. Now, I am not giving up on it. It is still something I enjoy doing and am going to continue to do frequently. The updates, at this point, are going to be pretty insubstantial, at least from how I look at it.

The editing process means that I am often going over the same information over and over trying to hone it and make it better. Sometimes this means that what I am doing is something I’ve shown here before a time or two, and that isn’t something fresh and fun to write or read about, but at least it’s something.

So, going forward, I’m going to be doing a little bit of an introduction and then go into the pages of the book as I did with the September Preview. It’ll often be work I did a while back, and have to go back through. I’ll be posting these once a week, hopefully on Wednesdays (that’ll mess up my publishing schedule, but it’ll be worth it, I think.)

The main thing, however, is that I need this writing time to be editing and making the book the best it can be. it sucks that I’ve gone this long without writing, but it’s a necessary sacrifice I have to make to proceed with this fantastic project I’m on.

This doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing I am doing, however. I have to take a break and clear my mind from time to time, and it’s been nice to have a few different activities I’ve taken up. I still raid in WoW classic, and Naxx is coming out soon. I’ve picked up playing XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and that has been unbelievably good. (thanks Jason), and my wife has recently got into MTG, so I have been brewing decks and playing games with her, and it’s great to have a combined nerd hobby we both share and enjoy.

So, the previews are going to start next week, but remember, these are rough first or second edits to make sure that I have the right information in the right place, and it’s going to take some more passes in order to make it a book worth reading and a setting worth playing in.

One thing I did do that I am excited to semi-announce, is that I’ve asked a fantastic artist if they would be willing to do a commissioned piece of art for the cover, and they agreed, so I’ll definitely be getting that done for the first run. While Alayna Danner’s “Vast” has come to mean Coldforged to me in many ways, it wasn’t done for me, for the setting, and I really look forward to seeing what comes from it.

Truth be told, one day, when the book is finished and the layout is done, I’d love to run a Kickstarter to cover commissioned art, fiction, and professional layouts, because that would be rad as hell. I’d start simply, but definitely have a lot of art planned. It would be the only way I would be able to get enough money to get all that done and get the book out to the public, without it, it’s going to have to remain my own private book.

Until next week, when I will share my first Preview. I’ll see you then.