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Bite Size Nerd II – Here, All Souls are Dark.

Disclaimer: Very likely, there will be spoilers!!!

It has been a long time since I posted on my Dark Souls II progress, but its because I am playing it at what on could call a glacial pace. Instead of sinking my every available hour into it, I have split time with my other hobbies.

I had just gotten the savior or my game, the ring of binding, when and had a few bosses to go fight yet. Heides tower had just been fully explored. Since then, I have made my way fairly deep into the game, though I know not how far the rabbit hole goes. I defeated the Boss  in the Cathedral of Blue, which was a very entertaining fight, one of the few moments hearkening back to Dark Souls I. From there I made my way back to the Flexile Sentry, and defeated him after a few tries with the help of Lucatiel of Mirrah. I took the now-empty Flying Dutchman on a one way trip back to the Lost Bastille, in a completely different area then where I started. I followed this around, fighting a slew of enemies, including a spear-wielding White Knight. I managed, after a few tries, to kill him and take his spear. I have never looked back. The lightning damage of the Heide’s Spear +5 has just been a godsend.

I then continued through a small area to a giant tower with a boss who seemed to be pretty rough. The Lost Sinner awaited me at the bottom of the Tower, and after a few careful, and some not so careful, fights, I ended her. The first of the Great Souls was mine. Neat! I’d not predicted that.

Once I’d finished off the Lost Sinner, I made my way back to try and fight the Ruin Sentinels again. This time, I had great success. With a lightning spear and 80% health, I was able to off the first one rather quickly, and take the fight to the two on the ground. It took a few tries, but I was able to take them down without the headslamming anger I’d felt earlier. Life was fantastic.

I then made, with my newly acquired Fragrant Branch of Yore, over to the very first area I had seen a statue in. I promptly returned her to life and immediately got her killed. It is what it is. Past her was the Shaded Woods where, in one of my favorite parts so far, you have to find and kill some invisible bandits in the woods. I won’t do it often, but it was really well done. Past that foggy area I was lead to an area full of pig-people – Lion Clan Warriors, the internet tells me. A Giant basilisk blocked my path, and after numerous attempts I was able to take him out. Moving forward, I ended up at a fight with an enormous scorpion woman. It took a few times, but I got the trick down and took her out as well.

I’m going to keep playing the game, thankfully, and look forward to meting out Spear Justice to those who would stand in my way!