Seething forward: 2018

Happy New Year!

I know. I’m a bit late. Thats OK, though, because I took a bit of time to myself and just didn’t write any Tuesday articles for about 2 months. Its about to get back to it, though, because I think that I still have lots of work to do on my typing, and a ton of nerd shit to talk about, because I’m a pretty big nerd. So, whats the plan? Follow me. 

2017 was strongly focused on Warmachine. Learning the new edition and trying to grasp my factions new identity took a lot of time and effort, with a lot of hours put aside for just that purpose. I didn’t get to many video games, or DnD posts, or even much reading because the focus on Warmachine was so strong. Now, I want to take a bit of a step back and focus on all sorts of nerd topics. 

This means that I can have a bunch of different topics going on at once, and a bunch of new article series running for the full year, and longer if I like the format. I’m going to focus on the main things in the Blog Title: Games, Beer, Metal, History. The concept is that once a month, on a regular Tuesday, I’ll be doing an article on a specific topic. For example, on the First Tuesday of every month, I am going to try and do a review of a new or requested metal album, including most songs as well as a general overview and some form of scoring. but I also have random topics I want to talk about, like a post about my opinions on The Last Jedi percolating too (Spoilers, it was a movie!) 

On the beer front, I’m going to try and get to a beer a week and put it up on all the social medias, telling people what I think, not that anyone cares, just want to go ahead and do it.  You can give me suggestions, but remember, I’m a malty, not a hops.

When it comes to games, I am going to share more of my video game exploits, though most of them are either too embarrassing, like being the worst destiny player on record, or too complicated, like that time I fought a boss in Dark Souls 6 times for 3 hours and he kept crushing me until I got that one lucky dodge that helped me take him down. On the flip side, there was a time when I wrote consistent articles about the full experience of the games I played and how I felt about them from the moment I picked it up until the moment I inevitably beat it. Maybe, I’ll even do that with Warmachine: Tactics. its one of the few games I’ve picked up and then never actually beat or even played for longer than a short time. 

Similarly, I want to make sure I speak about any games I try that aren’t video games or Warmachine. Sometimes, just sharing the story of the games is enjoyable. I’m also going to be recapping my D&D adventures once a month, as 4 sessions should be enough to get a good narrative, even if I miss a week. This should be a fairly constant piece, as we should be playing for a significant portion of time, hopefully all year, with Clovis, the Gremlin. The Group is just starting to come together, so it should be an interesting and fun time playing. 

History is the hardest part, because though I love it, I don’t find it something I can really share a ton of without simply regurgitating something I found somewhere else. Maybe that’s it, though. Maybe I just share cool things I find related to history and call it a day., 

Now, onto warmachine, though this incorporates a number of different hobbies together. Painting, converting, playing, list building and theory, conventions and more. I’m likely going to be doing more battle reports, because I’m not concentrating on getting casters and lists evaluated and trying to keep up with the tour. I will, however, be doing the same type of caster evaluation for Denny II and Skarre 3 that I did for the rest, and still rating them alongside the rest. I also expect to go over each of the theme lists, breaking them down both before I play them and after I play them. 

All in all, I look forward to sharing a ton of my experiences and discussing them with those who are interested. More Beers, more History, more Games and more Metal. 


Forward, to 2018!