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Mythology Monday: Adremach, Accursed of Defense

Adremach, Accursed of Defense

Other Titles: The Iron Duke, The Bastards Son, Blackheart, Ironfist

Alignment:  LE

Weapon: mace and Shield (Censure and Bulwark)

Major Domains: Cold, Defense, Iron

Minor Domains:  Callousness, Fortifications, Grim Resolve

Totem Animal: Bison: The Bison is enduring, durable and strong. It weathers the cold and stands its ground. As such, it is the perfect animal for the defense-minded Adremach

Holy Symbol: A lone, steel gray tower on a field of black. The Steel Tower is a representation of Adremaches fortress on the Iron Marches as well as the concept of Individual defense.

Favored Appearances:  Adremach is an Accursed who either locks himself away in his tower or who is campaigning in the Godswar. As such, he visits the prime little and individuals less. He has thus developed almost no real disguises, and when walking the prime he appears nearly identical to that of his Iron Marches form. He is large, bulky and imposing, well over 6′ tall and wearing iron armor. His skin is gray-black and his eys are completely black orbs. His hair, while also gray, is a much lighter tone, long and straight. He wears the Iron Diadem, studded with seven rubies and seven diamonds, at all points in time, and carried Censure and Bulwark with him as well.

His female form is almost exactly the same, strong, stocky and ready for battle. The only difference is that her eyes, instead of being solid black, are solid white.

Warform: Adremachs War Form of a bison is formidable and strong, and fittingly made nearly completely of solid ice akin to a massive glacier.  His mane is shaggy snow drifts, and his Hooves and horns are broad, great icicles, sharpened and hardened in battles over eons.  

Personality: Adremach is Staunch and resolute, determined that he is invincible in war and unconquerable in his great tower. He is a great defensive tactician, able to lay siege to the unconquerable and to defend the smallest fragment of ground with the barest of troops.  He knows and embraces his military genius, and has taken it upon himself to lead the Council of Equals, the Accursed Rulership. Though supposedly each of the four members can be voted onto or off of the council, and none are of greater power than any other, Adremach’s unbroken tenure when all others have been replaced at least once, and his familial bond to Ferosh have lead others to defer slightly to his will, and that is the way he likes it. He leads from the center, and while he would never retreat once a battle is engaged, he would do everything within his power to ensure that any confrontation, be it combat or in any other form, takes place at a time and location of his choosing.

Teachings: Adremachs followers are hard-bitten veterans that have followed his teachings, if not him, for a very long time. He speaks to an inviolable defense, a strong response to any offense, and a the necessity of making the hard decisions that will end some lives and save others. Primarily a war god, he is the diametric opposite of the War Gods of the Paltonarchs. They espouse honorable combat, aggression, and strength of will. Adremach teaches stout walls, strong arms, and an indomitable position will win the day. He is also the god of Cold and Iron, espousing their uses and encouraging their existence. He sees winter not as a time to hole up and keep warm, but a time to set out and prepare for the next season of war, surprising his foes, taking their land and fortifying while they hide inside their hovels.

Abode: The Iron Tower stands  at the center of the front lines of the Accursed domains on the iron marches. A Magically constructed tower exactly 30 stories tall and 100 feet, both across and deep.  It is a massive structure that exudes indestructibility.  Many times have the forces of the Paltonarchs reached the Iron Tower, and each time, they have been rebuffed, defeated by the Duke of Cold and his followers, dedicated defenders all.

Cultists: Thankfully, the cultists of Adremach tend to isolate themselves from one another, though there are some that will band together, building fortresses on stolen land and defending their claim through all forms of trials and tribulations. Many, though, are the often callous and cold-hearted officers in the ranks of the nations militaries that achieve their goals with no consequence to the cost. They show their predilection to running, organizing and defending structures and fortifications, however, and are some of the best defensive minds that Kasan ever sees.

Clerical Attire/colors: Unsurprisingly, the colors of Aldremach are grays and blacks.  in Ritual and in life, his followers lean towards wearing the dark and bitter colors of their master. Thankfully, these are also the colors of the commoners, and many times this has been seen as a not to their humble beginnings, though it could be nothing farther from the truth. The followers of Adremach, though they blend in well with the rest of the world, have a hard time fending for themselves. The ritual clothing is a black felt mask and a hooded, solid robe of dark grey.  Those who flaunt his worship and have dedicated themselves to the worship of the Iron Duke wear the iron grays, which is not uncommon, but also embroider or emblazon the Iron Tower on their armor and clothing.

Followers: Warriors, almost exclusively, with a touch of Nobility and those individuals who gravitate towards an extremely strong will to live