Errata Rundown!


As some of you may have noticed, I’ve not posted here this last week. Life, of the most unfortunate type, sometimes happens, and I am glad to be writing again.

Not this Saturday, but the one previous, I went to a tournament, one of the Store Wars series that I’ve been participating in for some 5 months. Our Team, the Titanic Bastards, has been doing Ok, winning the first tournament and nipping at the heals of the winners ever since. I Captained the first event, and then was out for the next three. This month, though, the first real tournament of 3rd edition, I was looking forward to some solid, competitive games.

Before that, though! Lets take a look at some errata!

Right!   13 Pages of fixes, wording changes, and updates to the rules to complete the process set in place. It seems like they knew they would hit a few snags along the way, and building in a change document seemed to be the best way. This time, they will be updating the Cards, online and for free.

So, whats in it?

Prime/Primal and Rules Digests

As this is repeated FOUR times, it takes up almost 5 pages.

  • Clarification of Disruption to work as intended
  • Wording change on charge to make it function against targets unable to engage/be engaged
  • Clarification of Throw and Trample wordings
  • Wording to bring Cover and Concealment to correct usage
  • Tweak to assault so it does not work if starting in melee range
  • AOE attacks are once again Simultaneous
  • Spells cause Magical Damage, as intended.
  • Clarification on Warcaster Death
  • Wording on Hill clarified so that you don’t take damage from Janissa.
  • Wording on Obstacles and Obstructions to remind for extra dice from some power attacks.
  • Dice dropped or added now are rerolled on a reroll attempt.
  • Wording clean up on Healing, Quick Work tactical Tip and Burning Earth
  • Threshold and Frenzy Cleaned up to work as expected.

Faction Changes

Overall game changes:

  • Every model with:
    • True Sight “for LOS” is now included
    • Trick Shot now includes “another”
    • Flank, Gang, and Gang Fighter changed to “in melee” as opposed to “engaged”
    • Tactician first sentence changed.
    • Empower now removes disruption prior to giving the jack focus


  • Sloan: Feat changed to extra attack during the battlegroup models activation and free Fire Group
  • Haley 1 – Fixed Scramble to Duration RND
  • Stormsmith Grenadier:Voltaic Vortex: Added numerical distance
  • Stormsmith Stormcaller: Surge and Triangulation now ignore RNG


  • Reznik 1 – Excruciator is now within 4″
  • Devout now has a shield
  • Blessing of Vengeance Repel now matches revenger


  • Karchev can now Fist at RNG 1
  • Homicidal Maniac is now triggered only on enemies
  • Irusk 2 – Feat now does not affect models knocked down that turn


  • Asphyxious 2 – Caustic Mist now properly functions as an Upkeep.
  • Bane Witch Agathia now can gain soul tokens
  • Skarre 1 and 2 may not spend focus points to block Feat damage.
  • Warwitch Deneghra’s Crippling Grasp can be cast more than once per round.
  • Egregore lost the word “instead” from Sympathetic Linc
  • Malice can no longer posses warcasters and warlocks
  • Seethers Uncontrolled rage gained a touch of control.
  • Rengrave trades Cleave for Rapid Strike


  • Cleaned up wording on Shyeel Artificer


  • Father Lucant can no longer pop feat turn 1 and have it last all game.
  • TEP – Servitors are now placed B2B
    • Servitors no longer grand an additional ranged attack for being completely in the back arc
  • Reconstruction Wording Changed. (The whole paragraph!)


  • Gallants Morrowan Accumulator now works correctly.
  • Rockram – Replaced Ram with new rule, Batter. Works like Ram but on all attacks.
  • Alexia 1 – Reworded Death Magic
  • Bull – Replaced Cleave with Rapid Strike
  • Rhupert: Dirge and March now target friendly warrior model unit


  • Horluk 1 – Stick now only works on enemies
  • Riccochet now matches Trick Shot
  • Grim Salvation to basic Attacks
  • Lightning Fists now denote simultaneous damage
  • Removed Gunfighter from MK
  • Sons of Bragg Call to action does not work on models KD this turn.
    • New Call, replacing Ferver: Call to Fervor +2 to damage rolls.
  • Fell Caller Hero only affects Friendly Faction now
  • Fenblade Kithkar – Fixed Veteran Leader


  • Kromac 1 – Clarified feat.
  • Heart Eater Clarified for all models.
  • Sturdy Removed from Wold Guardian
  • Megalith gets work changed on Bountiful Restoration.


  • Makeda 2 – Clarified Vengeance.
  • Makeda 3- model gains overtake, all weapons (including guns) get grievous wounds.
  • Zaal 1 Soul Converter works on all exalted now.
  • Zaal 2 wording change
  • Desert Hydra – Removed Gunfighter, replaced wording on Multiple heads.
  • Karax Standard changed to FA:U
  • Extoller soulward now can use Spirit Guide.
  • Kovaas Destruction Spawned Fixed
  • Void Spirit Void Walk Once per activation added.


  • Saeryn- Blight Bringer is an offensive spell
  • Respawn heals.
  • Typon – Replaced wording on Multiple heads.
  • Archangel – Deceptively Mobile now works.
  • Legionaries Standard: Added Wall of Steel


  • Dr Arkadius can cast crippling Grasp more than once.
  • Calaban Dark Power reworded
  • Lord Carver Veteran Leader fixed.
  • Jaga-Jaga – Changed some wording issues with feat.
  • Maelok may now gain soul tokens


Thats about it! next time, a few games and theory!