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The Painting Experiment

Its been quite some time since I’ve painted a model for me to use, I do believe. I remember painting up Jerek of Jhord for the IKRPG game, but I can’t think of anything in my warmachine or hordes or Malifaux models that I’ve painted for me. Instead, I spent the last year Painting models for my Gator Exchange. I paint something for them, They paint something for me. It was cool, but It didn’t really motivate me to paint a ton. I do have some outstanding ones yet, but I’m working on it. One day I’ll have an Internationally painted army. While it was great, I wouldn’t really do it again, I have to work on my own stuff!

I’ve painted: a Gallant that went to Ireland

[singlepic id=323 w= h= float=none]

A Magister and Artificer that went to Iowa

[singlepic id=321 w= h= float=none][singlepic id=325 w= h= float=none]

A Totem Hunter that went to Utah

[singlepic id=329 w= h= float=none]

A Vassal to Georgia

[singlepic id=330 w= h= float=none]

Karchev and a hrullg to Massachusetts

[singlepic id=328 w= h= float=none][singlepic id=324 w= h= float=none]

Seige to texas

[singlepic id=326 w= h= float=none]

Blood of Martyrs to Maryland

[singlepic id=322 w= h= float=none]

and Anyssa Rusaal to Utah.

[singlepic id=320 w= h= float=none]

(not pictured) A Dougal McNaille to both Kamloomps BC and Tennessee, Rhadiem to Colorado, and a Helldiver to Iceland

I also participated in a generic Excange, and painted a model for someone else in payment:

Reclaimer, for a recent Exchange
[singlepic id=331 w= h= float=none]

Sylas, in payment for Siege above.
[singlepic id=327 w= h= float=none]

and finally, I started and finished my PG Gorman di “Sea” Wulfe:

[singlepic id=332 w= h= float=none]


So, with the first model I’ve painted for myself in just about a year, I’m ready to get rocking and rolling again. and I am really, really jacked to get  back into my Cryx and finish the models that I have left: Crabjack-Chassis, Scavenger, Asphyxious the Hellbringer and Vociferon, Revenenat Pirate Crew Riflemen x3, Erebus and Iron Lich Overseer. I also have some duplicates as well: Scavenger Helldiver, Deathrippers x2, Slayer, Warwitch Denegra and a Necrotech. We will see how all of that pans out in the year to come. I’m just really looking forward to painting some models for myself, and not for others!